Marine Service


Capability for Any Kind of Maintenance


Total Maintenance of Large and Small Boat

We consider we can call it “total Maintenance”only by supporting the following three perfectly:”Part necessary for boats to cruise” including marine engines, Stern Drive, marine gear, stern tube, shaft & bracket and Propellers,”Part relating to steering” including engine control, monitoring navigation, steering system, trims tub, bow thruster and others,”Part necessary for spending comfortable time on board” including generator, marine air conditioner, hot water supply system, shower & marine toilet and so on.

Engine Repowering

Replacing work of gasoline engine with diesel engine, low power engine with latest high power ecology engine is the excel area of Mizuno Marine. We can realize cruising which other companies cannot do by proper conduct of safety calculation of boats’ hull and stem and of propeller matching that brings out full capability of engine through using experience and data accumulated in the company.

Exchange System of Engine

Exchange Engine of Mizuno Marine brand, which replaces a malfunctioning or broken engine with a completely overhauled engine, is welcomed by boat owners for saving repair times and costs.

Lease System of Engine

Time is moving from purchase to lease in the field of marine engine. Leasing cost is booked as expenses in accounting and new engine offset owner’s risk. And in the case an owner is a corporate it can also enjoy various merits such as efficient fund management, rationalization of office management and prevention of safety decline.

Engine Bench Test

Mizuno Marine has implemented engine testing bench machines in order to repeat tests and recreate the hard running condition of the ocean onshore. Mizuno Marine carries out thoroughly check on maximum output power, maximum revolution, oil pressure, cooling water temperature and exhausting gas temperature of overhauled engines by onshore operation test prior to mounting to a boat because we never compromise on quality. Implementation of engine bench test, which can be called as “Challenge to Non-claim” is displaying our strain to achieve maintenance that enables the engine performance of a new boat.